So what kind of photography do you do?

We specialize in wedding and portrait photography which can include engagement, bridal and dinner rehearsal photography. We also are experienced in commercial, real estate, school and family photography. You name it, we have probably photographed it!

Why did you name your business Red Apple Tree Photography?

When we first started out we couldn’t decide whose name should go first, Crystal’s or Keith’s? So we decided no first or last names. We needed to go with something entirely different. Keith said, “well as long as it has red in the name”, he would be good with it. So...

How many images do you usually get?

Depends on the event and time we schedule together but usually a wedding gallery will have well over 1000 images ready for you. Sessions usually have well over 100 images.

Do you photoshop?

Yes we can but we try to keep things looking as natural and timeless as possible. Just let us know if you have a special request.

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