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So what kind of photography do you do?

We specialize in wedding and portrait photography which can include engagement, bridal and dinner rehearsal photography. We also are experienced in commercial, real estate, school and family photography. You name it, we have probably photographed it!

How long have you been photographing weddings together?

We have been shooting together since 2009! But Red Apple Tree Photography really started to ramp up in 2010 onwards…Keith photographed weddings before with another wedding photographer for 4 years prior to 2010 and Crystal worked with another wedding photographer the year prior to meeting Keith. Strangely enough Crystal has a degree in Fine Arts from UBC (University of British Columbia) majoring in Art History and Photography, but has handled most of the business and Keith has a degree in Business from USC (University of South Carolina) majoring in Economics and now handles most of the photography. Strange how that works out! but at least we both have each other’s back.

Why did you name your business Red Apple Tree Photography?

When we first started out we couldn’t decide whose name should go first, Crystal’s or Keith’s? So we decided no first or last names. We needed to go with something entirely different. Keith said, “well as long as it has red in the name”, he would be good with it. So Crystal, reminiscing about the orchards near her neighborhood home growing up, thought about the apple tree, a quintessential image of childhood in Kelowna for her and so it was created, Red Apple Tree Photography. “Red” because it is Keith’s favorite color. Red is also the color of love, passion and prosperity. It’s also “detail’ specific, something important in our photography business. “Apple” because apple is the symbol for health and knowledge, two things that are both very important to us. “Tree” because it is the symbol for family and also because it represents the environment in which we love photographing in, and “Photography” is how we bring this altogether.

What is included in your photography packages?

Usually full day coverage! and you’ll receive a link to your online gallery where you can download your high resolution images.

How much to retain you?

For weddings a $1,000 retainer is usually needed to retain your wedding date with us. Sessions usually require 50% down once scheduled and then the remaining 50% is due at the session date.

How many images do you usually get?

Depends on the event and time we schedule together but usually a wedding gallery will have well over 1000 images ready for you. Sessions usually have well over 100 images.

Do you photoshop?

Yes we can but we try to keep things looking as natural and timeless as possible. Just let us know if you have a special request.

What do you shoot with? What’s your favorite photography equipment?

We are grateful that Keith LOVES his gear and happily stays up to date with the latest photography trends and equipment so I will get Keith to answer here. Keith??? He says SONY SONY SONY. Mirrorless.

Do you travel?

Yes we do and have! We have photographed weddings and sessions in Kelowna, BC and Banff, Alberta and look forward to exploring more places in the Pacific Northwest. Travel expenses determined upon event discussion.

When living in the SouthEastern United States we photographed all over South Carolina including Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Palmetto Bluffs, Columbia and Greenville. We have also photographed in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Rhode Island, Nevada and Cancun Mexico.

Will you help us with a timeline and to plan when it is best to take photos?

Yes, yes and yes! This is a HUGE secret to success! Anything you need help with – we will do our very best to help with! A great photographer we admire once said that the ‘biggest difference between good photos and GREAT photos, is time!”, so let’s 100% chat about how we can make that time happen with you.

Help! My partner hates having their photo taken and I can be super awkward! Plus I have a bad side. Can you fix that?

Ok we totally get that. Trauma from bad photography experiences or awkwardness is a thing but you are not the only one who feels that way. We have also felt that way! and yes, we can help. Don’t worry. WE GOT YOU! We won’t ask you to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves and we promise to make it as fun, light hearted and comfortable as we possibly can. You’ll be amazing at the lengths Keith will go to make you laugh. He is the king of awkward humor which immediately makes you look really good! and hopefully puts you at ease and Crystal was voted Class Clown from her grade 12 peers in high school so, we promise, with the right attitude, experience, knowledge and some incredible lenses, we know how to make you look good!

What do you like to do when not working?

Mountain bike, road bike, hike, ski, swim, yoga, cook, watch movies, read or listen to books and nap (especially Crystal on the napping).

Contact Us

Phone (Keith)

(+1) 778.594.7004

Phone (Crystal)

(+1) 236.970.2700





Kelowna, BC, Canada

Contact us for all wedding, event (commercial or real estate) and portrait session inquiries. Please include details such as date, venue and event type, etc.

Since every wedding, event and session is unique, and to give you the best possible pricing we would love to chat on the phone or meet up to hear the details.

Thanks so much and we look forward to speaking with you!

- Crystal + Keith Carson


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