When we first started out we couldn’t decide whose name should go first, Crystal’s or Keith’s? So we decided no first or last names. We needed to go with something entirely different. Keith said, “well as long as it has red in the name”, he would be good with it. So Crystal, reminiscing about the orchards near her neighborhood home growing up, thought about the apple tree, a quintessential image of childhood in Kelowna for her and so it was created, Red Apple Tree Photography. “Red” because it is Keith’s favorite color. Red is also the color of love, passion and prosperity. It’s also “detail’ specific, something important in our photography business. “Apple” because apple is the symbol for health and knowledge, two things that are both very important to us. “Tree” because it is the symbol for family and also because it represents the environment in which we love photographing in, and “Photography” is how we bring this altogether.

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