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Jun 23, 2017 | Wedding

Sweet tea, monogramed shirts, and ‘ya’ll’ are a few deep rooted Southern traditions that each generation is proud to pass on to the next generation. Bridal portraits or bridals are still a popular tradition, in the South, and have been adapted to fit a more “modern” style. With any tradition there is  history behind its evolution. According to Southern Weddings, bridal portraits originated in Europe and were commissioned oil paintings of the bride in her bridal regalia. As technology evolved artists could now capture portraits through a lens, rather than a brush stroke. When, bridals started in the US we don’t exactly know but it became common right before WWII, when it was rare for a photographer to be at a wedding. Bridal portraits were taken in a photographer’s studio either before or after the wedding. Bridals are more common in the South than anywhere else. Whether you consider it to be a tradition or part of Southern culture we love it either way! 
There are multiple benefits for you as a bride to invest in a bridal session so here are four reasons why bridals are so worth the investment.
Location, Location, Location
You can have fun with different location styles and natural or architectural landscape. There will be thousands of pictures taken at your venue on your wedding day so why not take the advantage and have fun with a different look. Locations play a huge role on aesthetics which creates a whole new theme. Part of the fun with a bridal is creating another unique look that fits you. If you want to be bold and daring with a location but don’t know where to start, ask us. As photographers we have been to numerous locations and we want to give you the best experience and advice. 
Trial Run
A bridal portrait session is a great trial run for the complete look. We do suggest that you get your hair and makeup professionally done to help you as a bride visualize your complete bridal look. Also, don’t forget your bouquet it gives you something to hold and you’ll be able to see how it compliments you. Bouquets give a great pop of color and it just ties the whole look together.  There have been many times after a bridal portrait session where brides have changed their bouquet, altered their hair, makeup, and had last minute dress alterations from looking at their bridal images. We really want you to love your wedding photos! Bridal sessions give feedback for you before your wedding day. When you invest in a bridal portrait session; invest in your hair, makeup, bouquet, or any other accessories so you can look your absolute best. 
A Family Keepsake 
I also love how  bridal portraits quickly become a treasured family heirloom for present and future generations to admire. Bridal portraits are a  moment in time preserved beautifully forever for generations to appreciate. Bridals have evolved since the “dark ages” and you can now have fun with style, venue, and most importantly your personality can radiate through each photo, which is a beautiful thing.  Bridals become your history it documents part of your legacy of who you were and are as a person. 
Get Comfortable
Bridal portraits can help brides get familiar with their photographers (which is us),  and we want you to be at ease and comfortable with us. Also, bridals are more laid back and we can take more time with you and we can explain posing positions that will compliment you. Keith demonstrates the best bridal portrait poses (I know right! who knew he had it in him)  and can flaunt some sass to get you to laugh. We love to have fun and want you to be comfortable with us. Bring someone you trust (mother, sister, best-friend, significant other) who can help break the ice and help you change in and out of your dress if needed.  
We hope you enjoyed these few tips. Thank you Evan for being our gorgeous model/bride! Evan your natural beauty radiates throughout each picture and we felt so privileged to capture your bridal images. 




Thank you Evan for such a great time during your bridal portrait session!

With much love and gratitude <3

~ Keith + Crystal

Red Apple Tree Photography




Bridal attire: White Magnolia Bridal; Photographers: Red Apple Tree Photography; Hair & Makeup: Cotton Rouge; Flowers: Simple Stems


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