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Wedding decor is either fun to look for or it can be the most stressful part of the wedding planning for brides and grooms. I thought it would be fun to talk about wedding decor from a photographers perspective. So, here are some tips that we have picked up being in the wedding business. First, the venue you choose will help dictate how to cohesively tie in your decor for your wedding. When you have your venue picked out evaluate the existing decor and style of the venue it can be the natural architecture of the building or the landscape surrounding your venue (or the venue itself). In some ways, decorating is like getting dressed for the day, you pick out the clothes that complement you the best. Two trends that we have noticed that brides and grooms have been going with for decor this year and they are minimalistic or high glam decor. 

 Minimalistic decor is becoming more and more popular and honestly we totally understand why. Minimalism doesn’t mean the wedding is cheap looking (it is budget friendly) or drab looking, it can look modernly sophisticated with the right touches. Like Ally +Brandon they went with minimalistic decor, which the Huguenot Loft doesn’t really need a lot of decor to make it look like a sophisticated wedding.  A touch of greenery and some candles can be jut what you need to tie it all together . Allow the venue’s architecture to be your main decor there is nothing wrong with simplicity it can speak volumes.  Fun fact food can act as a decor item too (who knew?), the way the food is plated and set can add some glam to the wedding. So wether it is the venue making the food or an outside vendor, pay attention on how they plate the food when you go for taste testing that is how they will most likely set it up for your wedding day. 

 High glam weddings can be tricky it can be a hit or miss. One thing we have noticed when brides and grooms go for high glam weddings, they have a wedding planner involved. Wedding planners are amazing for any type or style wedding, they can help you get vendors that specialize in decor, design, cake making, lighting, photography, etc. Be prepared to fork out the money, weddings are never cheap and when you hire an expert or experts it only gets more expensive, but it is well worth it. Experts produce high quality products and results. Also, wedding planners know business prices and they know where to shop, which if you are going with a particular style it can be super handy to have a wedding planner that knows where to find the products you need. 

Finally, own your style whether you are a  boho, classic, modern, or even an eccentric bride or groom go with your style. Play up your personality with your wedding, you can use something borrowed, something new, or something old. Some of the best weddings we have been to are when we see the personality of the bride and groom shine through. 




Photographer: Red Apple Tree Photography;Planner: Farrah Redmon Invitations and Stationery: Wedding Paper DivaFlowers: Deborah Gibson DesignWedding & Reception Venue: Huguenot Loft; Hair and Makeup: Urban Nirvana Downtown Greenville; Jewelry & Accessories: family ​heirlooms; Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Macy’s T​ux Shop; Ceremony/reception Music and Professional Party Rentals: Erica BergOfficiant: Bonnie Willingham; Caterer: Good Life CateringBeverage Services: Huguenot Loft; Cake: Buttercream Bakehouse; Out of Town Accommodations: Hampton Inn​, Westin


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